carl-vaughan3aEver thought of playing a musical instrument? I guess that’s why you’re here!

Let me ask another one:

How many people do you know who “used to play when I was younger, but didn’t get on with it”?

In most cases, that’s because they didn’t have a good teacher. Almost anyone can play a musical instrument if they are taught how to do it, and that’s where I come in.

Look at driving; almost everybody drives after taking lessons from a qualified professional. The same applies to music.
I am a QUALIFIED, professional music teacher. This is my full-time occupation, and not just a bit of pocket money in my spare time. My qualification from the London College of Music assures you that I can do more than strum a couple of chords and hack out a few easy riffs: I have learned my trade can take a total beginner through the painful and frustrating first steps to the joy and satisfaction of professional level playing, applying the benefits of thirty years as a professional teacher and performer to shorten the road and ease you through difficulties in the most effective ways possible.

testimonialIf required, I use the Trinity College London exams at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, or the Associated Board (ABRSM) local centres. I can also support your GCSE studies if you want to boost your grade.

My teaching studio is equipped with professional level equipment (Drums, Keyboards, Amplifiers, audio and DVD equipment, and an extensive music and CD library), is quiet, warm and comfortable, and provides the perfect environment for the student. To find out more, flip through the pages on the left hand toolbar.

If you already know what you want, go straight to the Contact Me page or phone me personally on 01277 656741.