Show me a kid who never wants to bash hell out of a drumkit!

The size, power and glittering chrome of the drumkit is a temptation to the child in all of us, yet the subtleties of style and technique in taming this monster into a real musical instrument are capable of satisfying the most discerning musician. The Drummer is the spectacular but unsung hero in many a famous band; everyone forgets his\her name, everyone forgets his\her face because you can’t see past all the glitter, yet no-one can forget his\her presence.

The Drummer lays the foundation of all popular music, be it Rock, Jazz, Folk (often a session player on the album rather than live) or easy listening. Music without The Drummer is almost inconceivable.

It appears easy to sit there just hitting things, but any real musician will tell you that co-ordinating two hand AND two feet at the same time is not as easy as all that, and that’s where I come in. With a wealth of experience and carefully graded exercises from me, as soon as a student is big enough to reach the kit they can begin to learn the drums.

My teaching studio contains a full set of acoustic and electronic drums. In addition to the usual tambourines and shakers I can also offer instruction on the Bodhran (Irish Drum) and the Cajon for those with less orthodox tastes.

If organised chaos is your thing, go to the Contact Me page, or ring me direct on 01277 656741.

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