electric-guitarThe guitar – in one form or another – is easily the most popular instrument of the last sixty years, and with its versatility and iconic image it seems likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

If you don’t already have a guitar, but that is what you want to play, then contact me for advice before you buy the wrong thing for you. I can take you from the Rock and Roll of Hank Marvin or Chuck Berry though the acoustic or electric blues to modern Indie, Rock or Heavy Metal.

If your style is more laid back, try a bit of Classical such as John Williams’s Deer Hunter theme, or perhaps a bit of Jazz such as Errol Garner’s Misty. For those who want them, Trinity Guildhall provide an exam syllabus for Classical or Plectrum Guitar.

I can equally well provide lessons in Bass Guitar, and see also the Fretted Instrument page.

acoustic-guitarWhatever your taste, rest assured that my teaching is more efficient than any cheap (and I mean cheap!) DVD or internet course on the market, taking you further, faster, and with a more solid grounding than any “Teach Yourself” method can possibly provide. To find out more fill in the form on the contact me page, or give me a ring direct on 01277 656741.

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