electric-guitarFrom the funky organ of Booker T’s “Green Onions” to the tinkling ivories of Oscar Peterson. From the demonic howl of Vincent Crane on Arthur Brown’s “Fire” to the synthesized washes of Snow Patrol. From the delicate harpsichord of Bach, the liquid runs of Chopin to the soaring Moog of Rick Wakeman. Keyboards are an integral part of every music scene imaginable, and with the advances in technology behind the Home Keyboard nothing is more satisfying for the solitary student than the keyboard. More than any other instrument, the keyboard can create its own self-contained world.

My digital piano has a wooden key, fully touch sensitive, hammer-action keyboard of the type now adopted in the finest music colleges throughout the world, and which exceeds the specifications for ABRSM exam centres. Combining its excellent grand piano sound with its perfect tuning stability makes it a delight to play for any student. If grand piano is not for you, then at the press of a button you can move to electric piano or Hammond organ for even more possibilities not available to the acoustic piano.
All my digital pianos, keyboards and synthesizers are of professional quality, and available for student use.
The Home Keyboard, with its wealth of built-in backgrounds, is immediately appealing to both children and adults for its simplicity and completeness, and provides an ideal entry to the world of keyboards. Very young children can play with just one finger in the left hand and be encouraged that they are playing real music, while older students and adults can appreciate the versatility of the solo piano.

The Piano is also rightly the instrument of choice for songwriters and composers, its simple logical layout allowing connections to be explored between background and melody, and theory of music is much easier to see and understand, making a basic knowledge of the keyboard a must for GCSE. Whether you want to beef up or take charge of your school band, or just play at home for yourself, go to the Contact Me page, or ring me directly on 01277 656741.

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