Pricing and Lesson Structure


My prices reflect my professional status: I am a full-time professional teacher.

I am not: An amateur making a bit of pocket money on the side.

Or: A member of an institution paying commercial rates and administration fees on top of lesson costs.

You only get what you pay for.

You may be able to get lessons cheaper at school, but most school lessons are only 15 minutes long. By the time you have got your instrument out of the case and tuned up you’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes to play through a piece and receive a couple of suggestions for improvement.

You may be able to get lessons cheaper from the guy round the corner who plays a bit in a pub band, but he/she will probably not have my 30 years experience, my qualifications, or my resources of sheet music and recordings.

You may be able to get lessons cheaper at your local evening institute, but you will be limited to 3 terms of 10 weeks, and will be in with a group of 20 other students. In a 2 hour session that means the tutor can devote on average ONLY 6 MINUTES to your individual needs.

You may feel that paying more at a musical institution will be better for you, and you may be right, but an institution will have commercial overheads and administrative staff to pay, and you will probably be in a small room with other lessons clearly audible all around you providing distractions. Many, though not all, of these factories fob beginners off with unqualified semi-professionals, even though the first few lessons are the most critical in terms of forming technique.

What I offer:

From Day One you get my undivided attention, and the benefit of my 30 years experience of solving student’s problems. I do not spend three quarters of the lesson showing you how clever I am or how fast I can play; I make you play, and watch carefully, offering helpful and encouraging advice in order to lay down a secure technical foundation. I can choose repertoire which suits your personal tastes and your technical needs at each stage of achievement, with a carefully tested and clear plan of development pushing onward to the future.

My dedicated teaching studio is quiet and warm, (no surrounding lessons) providing a minimum of distractions to the student.

For these professional services I charge a fair, professional rate. Contact me for current prices.

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